Grow your business – Partner with IPKO, leader in ICT!

Whether you are an individual or a business, our partnership program is designed to enable you to differentiate yourself through our experience and capacity.

Being a leader in ICT, as your partner we help you to gain competitive advantage, introduce new revenue streams and exceed growing customer expectations.

Our team of experts help bring your ideas to life with a variety of services and products customized to your unique needs, all on Kosovo’s best national network for ICT.

First and foremost, you as our partner will benefit of the infrastructure and advanced technology that IPKO built throughout all these years operating in Kosova market. Our wide network, internet stability, one of the most modern data center in the country, hosting and many other services, make IPKO an outstanding partner for ICT businesses.

Why IPKO is the best partner for you?

  • MARKETING & Market leading position–Well established and experienced company with prominent brand and reputation helping to deliver your services to enterprises who know they can rely on our network
  • Technological infrastructure and computing resources
    • Data Center
    • Network
    • Mobile
  • Expertise – Support and mentoring from our experienced specialists to expand product solutions for your own customers
  • Bundle with our services
  • Continuous customer service
  • Operations and inventory

Let’s build the future together!

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