Parental control is a service whereby parents can block any website which may be dangerous to the child’s development or which may endanger safety. You can block three out of the following nine categories:

Crime – All websites containing information about violence and crimes such as: drugs, alcohol, violence, weapons and cyber bullying.

Gambling–All websites containing information about various games of chance, casinos and more.

Games–All websites containing video games or various electronic games.

Computer viruses–All websites containing information about computer hacking, or various cyberattacks.

News and politics–All websites containing various information about politics, news, various organizations, special interest groups, political parties and public opinions.

Social Media–All social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, What’sApp.

Streaming–All websites that allow the distribution of various media such as pictures and videos containinginappropriate content.

Music, sports and entertainment – All websites containing information about sports, music, online shopping, traveling opportunities, movies.

Adult – All websites containing adult content.

You can activate the service to block access to the selected categories on the mobile phone and the internet of your house, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The Parental Control service is the first of its kind and the only one in the Kosovo market.

To activate this service visit the page here.

Watch the video below for instructions on activation of the service.


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