1. Initially the Smartbox should be connected to the internet through cable or Wifi USB. Then continue to Menu -> Configurations -> System information System ->Connection to server MW should be OK.
  2. If the server MW connection (internet of the client works in other devices) shows error #f003 then you should check the router/modem connection where the other part of the cable is inserted and make sure that under Configurations->Network parameters>OPT Auto(DHCP) is chosen. If the connection is ok and smartbox has access to internet keep in mind that an orange and green light will be turned on smartbox. Also, at the System information you can find the Network parameters option. If the client is connected with cable then it will be displayed as in the photo below (IP should be another one, it depends on the client), if the client uses Wifi USB then Wireless connection will be displayed where will show up the names of Wifi and the client carries out the connection with Wifi.
  3. When the client makes a wireless connections and connects to its own Wifi, remember that if you choose the default option, it will be disconnected from the Wifi it is connected. If the connection is ok but still the service does not function, then you should call the Call Center (038/049 700 700) for other internal procedures.

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