Instructions on how to use the mobile Internet when abroad

The summer season, the time when you travel mostly abroad, has already started. While you are abroad, the communication tariffs change, so we are giving a few instructions on how to best manage your account during the vacations.

We have agreements with more than 400 operators in 205 states.
To see the price list and operators with which we have agreements and which offer the lowest tariffs, click here.

Mobile Internet

For the use of mobile internet during your stay abroad, various tariffs are applied, which are mostly higher than those applied in the country.
Make sure you activate packages, which we have designed specifically for you so that you can access the Internet even when you are abroad.

The package, which provides internet in Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro, has only one single activation. Depending on how long you will stay, you may activate daily, weekly, or monthly packages. You may use the MB remaining in your package after returning to Kosovo.

For activating the daily 200MB package, dial *478*1#; for the 1GB weekly package, dial *478*2#, and for the 2GB monthly package, dial *478*3#.

To use internet abroad, too, you should set the following:
Data Roaming > ON, under Access Point Name (APN), name: ipko, password: ipko.

On top of that, you should manually select the operator; in this case, when you are in Albania, you should connect to the following operators: Eagle Mobile, Telekom Albania or Vodafone; when you are in Macedonia, connect to Vip; in Montenegro, M:Tel (29703); and when you are in Turkey, connect to Vodafone.

Keep in mind that if you do not manually select the operator, your mobile phone might automatically connect to other operators, which might result in other costs.

During your visit in countries where there is no exclusively designed mobile internet offer and you do not need to use your mobile internet, then make sure that before you go abroad:
1. Cellular Data is stopped
2. Data Roaming is stopped

*The offers mentioned above might change from time to time, so please visit to view the most recent offers.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the contact person or call at: 049 700 700.