During your stay in Kosovo, you can experience uninterrupted communication with your relatives. Choose the most suitable package with minutes, SMS and data and continue to communicate outside Kosovo while you are traveling or enjoying your vacation in:

  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Serbia
PakoInternetValidityPriceActivateMinuts and SMS*
Diaspora 210 GB20 Days20.20€*115*2# Or


500 Minuta and SMS national
Diaspora 320 GB30 Days30.20€*115*3# Or


1000 minuta and 500 SMS national


Minutes and SMS are valid only in Kosovo.

*You will get a FREE OF CHARGE IPKO number so that you do not have to change the number every time you visit your home country.

After spending minutes and SMS of Diaspota package, in Kosovo will apply the standard prices as follows:

On-net calls0.18 €
Calls toward other operators0.18 €
On-net SMS0.062 €
SMS toward other operators0.082 €

After spending MB of Diaspora package, in Kosovo will apply the standard prices as follows:

Data costs in KosovoFirst 100 KBEvery following 100 KB
Prepaid individual0.21 €0.07 €
Prepaid business0.21 €0.02 €

In order for the packages to work when you are out of Kosovo, you need to follow a few steps:

  • To connect manually to operators (see thelist below for each country),
  • Make sure that APN is IPKO
  • Activate “Data” and “Data Roaming” in the Settings section on your phone:

Depending on which country you are in, select the relevant operator from the list below:

  • Albania: ALBTelecom (Eagle); One Telecommunications (Telecom Albania), Vodafone
  • North Macedonia A1 MK(VIP)
  • Montenegro: M:Tel (29703)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:BH Telecom
  • Croatia:HT HR
  • Greece:Cosmote
  • Serbia: A1 SRB (VIP)
  • Turkey:Vodafone; Turkcell

If an operator other than those from the list is selected, you will be charged at standard prices:

Data costs1MB(Western Balkans countries)
Prepaid individual0.14 €
Prepaid Business0.14 €

For more details on the price list of calls in the Western Balkans or in other countries in Romaing click here.

For tariffs in Greece and Turkey click here.

These tariffs shall apply even after spending the package.

You can manage the packages through the codes below or even easier through our MyIpko application (you can download the application on AppStore and Playstore depending on whether you are an IOS or Android user):

 Diaspora packageActivationCheck accountPackage contentsSend packages as a gift
Diaspora 2*115*2#*115#or*115# or*212# or
Diaspora 3*115*3#MyIPKO AppMyIPKO AppMyIPKO App

In addition to the packages that contain data, you can click here and get information about other packages containing minutes, SMS and GB valid in the Western Balkan countries, while for postpaid packages click here.

Please be careful!

  • In order not to spent from your main account, you must first turn off the “data” on your phone and activate a new package and then turn on the “data” option again.
  • If you have a problem with data usage, please check if you have it activated. If not, activate the data by dialing code *321#.

To activate a package, you need to have sufficient funds in the account. IPKO offers the possibility of sending refills in different values to your number or to any other IPKO number by visiting any of our shops and dealers or even easier by sending electronic refills through the following channels:

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