With Junior package IPKO has found a new way to  keep kids safe and secure while they are out of home, at school, or enjoying their play.

On its first package dedicated to children, IPKO today has also added Alcatel Move Time smartwatch – perfectly designed for the parents who cannot be around their kids at all the time but want to track them continuously.

“Our Junior package always seeks to provide the best products and services so parents and children can constantly be connected. This time, we believe we found a perfect solution to a complex problem –  caretaking for children with complete confidence and control from parents” said Alban Kastrati, Public Relations Expert at IPKO.

Junior Package with Alcatel Move Time:

IPKO Junior allows parents to keep in touch with their children via call or send the voice message and location tracking when they are out.

The watch makes use of GPS, WIFI, with 100 minutes on IPKO’s network and 300 megabytes to determine kid’s location. Children can reply to 10 to 15 existing contacts and also make calls to five registered numbers.

Parents can pair the watch with IPKO Junior application on their mobiles – available for iOS and Android platforms. The application comes with more useful features like parents set safe zone, add more family members and also adjust the emergency call number, among many other options.

Moving kids to Junior is as easy as prepaying the package for the whole year, or only 8 euros a month, and get the smartwtch loaded with minutes within IPKO’s network and megabytes for constant connection with your kid.

To find out more on Junior Package with SmartWatch, please visit: https://www.ipko.com/offers/alcatel-move-time/